Marta Song,interpreter in shenzhen with good service experience

Marta Song,interpreter in shenzhen with good service experience, 24 years old

  • I have been worked as interpreter and customer service in shenzhen.

  • Guangdong university of foreign studies

  • Engish Chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily Rate:$90-120

  • 4 years

Personal description

About my interpretation experience in shenzhen

As an interpreter of the president of company, while also acts as a customer service contact window, involves in each process from purchase order to daily goods shipment, see related details as follows:

  - To be in charge of English/Chinese translation while as a contact window for customers.

  - also acts as an English translator when receive customers and follow up related issues;,

  - Be resposible for some domestic and all international procurement,also the development and management of new suppliers. 

  - Performs order follow-up which includes order entry, acknowledgment and monitoring of delivery changes to ensure that customers; requirements are fulfilled satisfactorily

  - Advises customer about shipping status and related documents to ensure that customers are well informed of the delivery status

  - Coordinates with business team or customer to arrange goods return and follow up on the issue.

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