Sophie Li,Experienced interpreter in guangzhou with  experience

Sophie Li,Experienced interpreter in guangzhou with experience, 28 years old

  • guangzhou interpreter and translator

  • Shijiazhuang Institute of Foreign Languages

  • English chinese

  • Guangzhou

  • $120-200

  • 8 years

Personal description

About me:Chinese interpreter in guangzhou

My work experience as english chinese interpreter.  

1. Interpretation of the installation, commissioning and production of various equipment, interpretation and translation of various equipment on-site, responsible for the alternate interpretation of foreign engineers and Chinese on-site.

2. Translation and communication for foreign experts present in guangzhou.

3. Communication betweeb foreign customers and the company's senior manager, interpretation for foreign experts to visit the equipment manufacturers.

4. Translation of company equipment English manuel, from Chinese to  English translation, such as equipment bidding documents, equipment construction documents.

5. Offer interpretation service for overseas experts come to China for training employees for operations;

6. Engineering document translation, such as:drawings, construction guidance.

Welcome to Guangzhou, I will be happy to be your guangzhou assistant for your business


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