Alisa Li, Freelance translator and interpreter in guangzhou

Alisa Li, Freelance translator and interpreter in guangzhou, 30 years old

  • Guangzhou interpreter & translator

  • Hunan Institute of Technology

  • English chinese

  • Guangzhou

  • $180-220/day

  • 10 years

Personal description

Freelance interpreter in guangzhou

About me 

provide English-Chinese translation services for customers such as China Southern Airlines, the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, and several translation companies. my interpretation works  been highly recognized by customers. 

Areas of expertise: Law, FinTech, Magazine Articles, Marketing and Media PR



1. As interpreter I have many experience to participate in business negotiations and meetings;

2. Good experience in  translation and review of project contracts, business negotiation and other interpretation works.

3. Proficient in English, be able to communicate with foreign investors independently, good at business interpreting, contract translation and other  language communication skills;

Edit date:16-Feb-2020


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