Xi'an two-day tour guide!
  • 10-Dec-2019


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Xi'an two-day tour guide!

Xi'an two-day tour guide!

Xi'an, a city with history and good food. If you want to know the history of China, please come to Xi'an; if you want to see the eighth wonder of the world, then please come to Xi'an;

If you like food, then please come to Xi'an!

A place you must visit even if you are here for two days!

(Details of the two-day tour guide are as follows)

Day 1: Shaanxi History Museum + SEG + Big Wild Goose Pagoda + Datang Night City

①Morning: Shaanxi History Museum (visit about two hours throughout)

There is a saying that says, if you want to know a city, go to a museum first.

② Noon: SEG

Entering SEG, the waterfall falling from the sky poured the heat away. The dining areas on the 6th and 7th floors are filled with a variety of Xi'an specialties and taste a variety of dishes.

③ Afternoon: Big Wild Goose Pagoda + Fountain Square

As one of Xi'an's landmarks, Dayan Pagoda is a must-visit place for tourists. If you are interested in Buddhist culture, you can climb the tower at your own expense and get a bird's eye view. There is also the largest musical fountain in Asia!

④ Evening: Datang Sleepless City

Tang culture has a century-old history in Xi'an. The night view is super beautiful. It may look a little vulgar at first glance, but if you walk in, you will see its unique side.

Day 2: Huaqing Palace + Terracotta Army

To say that Xi'an is best known for terracotta warriors! If you come to Xi'an, you haven't been to Xi'an without visiting the Terracotta Army!

If you want to know the history of China, please come to Xi'an

By : Chinese interpreters