Yoyo Guo

Yoyo Guo, 30

  • I worked more than ten years as english chinese interpreter

  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

  • English chinese and italian

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily Rate:150-250$

  • 10 years

Personal description

Yoyo Guo, English Chinese interpreter and translator in shenzhen

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 10 years.

willing to move: dongguan guangzhou

10 years of rich experience in translation.

Main Sector: interpreter in shenzhen, accompanies customers to visit factory, commercial negotiations, find new products and suppliers.

working experience 

Dongguan Junwei Electronic Products Co., Ltd.

2017-03 ~ 2019-09 (June 2)

English chinese interpreter

1.To be in charge of English/Chinese translation while as a contact window for customers.

2.acted as interpreter chinese english for our company.

3.Receving Customer and follow up related issues;

Dongguan Aikexun Composite Material Co., Ltd.



1.Be resposible for some domestic and all international procurement,also the development and management of new suppliers. 

2.Assist superior to formulate and optimize the management of purchasing department system and purchasing process 

3.To make PO and follow up supplier's delivery status timely, deal with emergency materials in a timely manner, minimize costs 

4.Assist superior handling internal personnel job allocation, supervision and complaints. 

The management and optimazation of suppliers, constantly tap new source.



English chinese interpreter

As an assistant of the president of an electronics company, while also acts as a customer service contact window, involves in each process from purchase order to daily goods shipment, see related details as follows:

1. Assistant’s job is to arrange president’s agenda, help check and handle outlook, also acts as an English translator when receive customers, also accompany boss out factory on business if necessary.

2. As a customer service contact window, I need know each department: PMC (production material control), Purchasing, 

Production, Engineer, Quality, Shipment.. Just like a general responsible man to be in charge of everything.

  - Performs order follow-up which includes order entry, acknowledgment and monitoring of delivery changes to ensure that 

customers' requirements are fulfilled satisfactorily

  - Works closely with customers on payment arrangement to prevent unnecessary pile-up of stock

  - Advises customer about shipping status and related documents to ensure that customers are well informed of the delivery status

  - Coordinates with business team or customer to arrange goods return and follow up on the issue

self evulation

1.  I have active idea, highly responsible and aggressive,

2. Working steady, stated ability of organizing managing cooperating, careful and creative in working. 

3.  self-confidence, self-respect, self-strive!

4. Good at engilsh, many years of interpreter experience

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