Linda zhou

Linda zhou, 29 years

  • Chinese interpreter, translator in shenzhen assistant, order follow up, shipping and all in one service.

  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

  • English chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily rate:$100-150

  • 9 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter and translator in shenzhen

9 years of rich experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Location: interpreter in shenzhen

Wan Junwei Electronic Products Co., Ltd.


I hold the position as a interpreter  in the company, main jobs  as below:

1.Take charge of foreign customers who are coming from all over the world and be able to work with independently. Or work face-to-face in China office.

2.Follow the whole working procedures from inquiry -counter-offer-development -confirmation -order-package- payments-provide shipping documents,advise and arrange production shipment. 

3. chinese interpreter and translator for foreign designer and technician. 

4.translate customer’s quality requests and amend comments from english to chinese; 

5.worked as interpreter and translator for all business affairs

Over nine years experience as interpreter & translator and Foreign trade business. 

1.Be familiar with shoes materials,shoes production process and quality requirements

2.Have a good command of English listening,speaking,reading and writing Be able to work with foreign designer independently

3.Good communication skills and problem solving abilities;

4.I am hard-working,responsible,adaptable,optimistic and easygoing

Last edited:03-Jau-2023

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