Sara zhou, shenzhen interpreter with  sweaters trade experience S20200216A

Sara zhou, shenzhen interpreter with sweaters trade experience S20200216A, 26 years old

  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

  • English chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • Daily Rate:$100-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

My interpreter work experience in shenzhen 

Directly contact with  foreign H & M guests, responsible for contacting / following the company's order  and maintaining customer relationships. Responsible for operating  international Alibaba platforms, and has skills for various marketing methods such as B2B online marketing, online promotion, e-commerce, etc.

And familiar with the various processes of international trade, can handle orders independently, and be proficient in communicating with customers in English!

self assessmente

1.Good communication and coordination skills;

2.Proficient in using English to communicate with guests;

3. Proficient in professional English for sweaters;

edit date:16-feb-2020

Last edited:03-Jau-2024

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