Candy su, Beijing chinese interpreter and translator

Candy su, Beijing chinese interpreter and translator, 27 years old

  • Sweet chinese interpreter in beijing ready to serve you

  • SiChuan Commercial and trading school

  • English chinese

  • Beijing

  • Daily rate:$100-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

My name is Candy and I was from sichuan province, In 2013 i was employed by Beijing Megaelite international  CO.LTD ,i had been working as an chinese interpreter and translator in the foreign trade department,mainly dealing with some business letters that written by foreign custs,specifically,replying to their every questions on our products, these information we gave them about quotation,sampling time,producing time and shipping time that related by various communicating tools,fax,email and telephone. 

Certainly,I have been looking forward to get an chance for working for you as interpreter in beijing,if possible, i would try my best to convert my knowledge into pratical use,do better and better is a principle i always keep in mind ,thanks for you give me the chance in beijing as interpreter for you.

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