Mandy Su D320,dongguan local interpreter with order management experience D0216

Mandy Su D320,dongguan local interpreter with order management experience D0216, 30 years old

  • interpreter in dongguan with business negotiations experience

  • Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Engish Chinese

  • Dongguan

  • Daily Rate:$100-120

  • 10 years

Personal description

About me:  interpreter English chinese interprter in dongguan

my work experience in dongguan

1. responsible for the translation of daily English documents of the company, and organizes relevant Chinese &English documents, including translation  English mails with foreign and suppliers.

2. Assist other departments to complete the required translation works between Chinese and English.

3. Responsible for communication with foreign manufacturers and suppliers, accompanying translation, meeting translation, and business negotiations translations;

4. Translating  for foreign experts during they stay in dongguan factory for guidance and  training. 

5. Control  translation documents to ensure the quality of translation.

6.Communicate with customers in Europe via email and telephone, and respond to customers' questions about the production and delivery of order ; follow up and ensure the completion of orders, and provide  customer service.

Welcome to dongguan,i am right here waiting for you,wish you have a good tirp.


last edit: 03-Jau-2024

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