TOP5  Attractions in Guangzhou
  • 10-Dec-2019


  • Guangzhou

TOP5 Attractions in Guangzhou

TOP5  Attractions in Guangzhou

1 Shamian Island

The last "Xanadu" in Guangzhou Concession

2 Guangzhou Tower

The tallest tower in China, not only has a changing color, but also displays a moving air symphony

3 Chen Family Temple

Here you can feel the exquisite architecture, the rise and fall of the family, and the heritage of history


4 Baiyun Mountain

One of the famous mountains in southern Guangdong, a famous tourist destination in Guangzhou


5 Yuexiu Park 1907 reviews

One of the eight scenic spots of Yangcheng, with the "Five Ram Stone Carvings"

TOP5 Attractions in Guangzhou you must visit

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