The Six most important tourist  place  in Guangzhou!
  • 10-Dec-2019


  • Guangzhou

The Six most important tourist place in Guangzhou!

The Six most important tourist  place  in Guangzhou! 

1The first  important visiting place : Guangzhou Tower, also known as Xiaoman Yao. It is a new iconic building in Guangzhou. As long as you mention the "Guangzhou Waist" subconsciously when you mention the Guangzhou Zhunhui, it will sparkle at night. When you step on the observation platform of the Guangzhou Tower, you can feel the small traffic flow. Like ants, people are so small.

2The second  important  place : Yuexiu Park. The three most popular lakes in Yuexiu Park are the three artificial lakes, where you can paint, sketch, and fish. 

3The third must- tourist  place: Zhongshan Memorial Hall. Located at No. 259 Dongfeng Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, it is a magnificent and magnificent octagonal palace-style building with strong national characteristics. Take a look at history, remember the past, and relax yourself.

4Fifth must-see  tourist  place: Stone Sacred Heart Cathedral. Located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, this church is the most magnificent and characteristic cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou. The church is very mysterious and has a profound meaning.

5The sixth must-visit  tourist  place: Shamian. Located in Shamian Island, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, if you want to see the old buildings and feel the European style, then Shamian is an island you must not miss. On one side is the bustling bustling Old Town business district. Taking a walk, chatting, and having fun.

6Seventh must-visit  tourist  place: up and down nine. If you have n’t been to Shangxiajiu, you really ca n’t say that you ’ve been to Guangzhou. It ’s full of food, drink, and fun. It ’s full of delicious Cantonese food, and countless specialties of Xiguan snacks.

The Six most important tourist place in Guangzhou!

By : Chinese interpreters