Tina tang-ZhuHai

Tina tang-ZhuHai, 32

  • Senior English Salesperson experience for many years

  • Chinese English

  • Zhuhai

  • Daily Rate 100-150$

  • 10 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter and translator in zhuhai  Only Part time Job

Language, Chinese-English, experience: 10years.

7 years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Working experience  Jian Jianwei Electronics Factory

2010-7 ~ 2015-3 (August 1 year) Senior English Salesperson

1. Handle the entire process from customer inquiry to shipment to customer complaint in english.

2. Discuss the order and shipping issues with the relevant staff of the client's US headquarters every Thursday.

3. Communicate with customers by email and phone every day in english.

4. Develop new projects based on maintaining old projects.

Senior English sales:

1.Handling orders process--offer-- sampling--receiving orders from customers--comfirming all the materials status --- arranging batch production and shipment --- handling costomer complaints

2.Joining teleconference with 3M Austin engineers to discuss process issues and quality issues every Wednesday.

Ye Zhiao Electronics Co., Ltd. 2015-6 ~ 2019-7Interpreter 

Foreign trade clerk: responsible for the entire process from customer inquiry to shipment to handling customer complaints.

Translation: Assist the factory manager (foreigner) to handle factory affairs.

sales: commuicating with all costomers by Email and telephone everyday. Dealing with customer complaints.

Interpreter: Translating and assist to solve issues happened everyday.

Edited date:04-Jau-2023

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