Janet dai

Janet dai, 30

  • Have good commmand of English in oral and written.

  • Chinese english, Japanese

  • Shanghai

  • Daily Rate: $120-180

  • 10 Years

Personal description

English Chinese interpreter and translator in shanghai

Language, Chinese-English,japanese. experience: 10 years.

willing to move: Hangzhou, Ningbo

10 years experience in interpretation and  translation.

Main Sector: interpreter in shanghai


being flex; have good scientific methods for problems, could see both sides to any problems and find workable solutions which are advantagous both to employees and emplyers

Having the experience for Working Foreign enterprises esp in Printing & packing and garment manufacturing.

Skills: have a good command of English both in oral and written;

Having practical management in manufacturing industry; including production management and sourcing.

Working experience 

2010-2015 I worked as sourcing supervisor in Shanghai:

looking for new and more suppliers of garment, negotiations and follow-up and the audit and valuation of the factory  and the preparation of contract. following up the date and order and check the order and its relevant documents. production sheet to be made. booking space and logistics operation and sourcing new and more suppliers and negotiate with them,make price comparision.

Being resposible for the smooth in the process of manufacturing, an excellent interpreter & translator ;

Last edited:03-Jau-2024

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