Jenny Wang

Jenny Wang, 25 years

  • Lovely Chinese interpreter in shanghai with 5 years experience

  • Guangzhou Private Hualian University

  • English chinese and spanish

  • Shanghai

  • Daily rate:$150-200

  • 5 years

Personal description

work experience

Shanghai Diweixin manufactory as interpreter and customer service

1) As the company's English chinese interpreter in the company. It is my job to translate all the information from clients into my colleagues. Of course, my job also includes translate all the information from production dept to our foreign customers.

2) Provide the customer with the required information, please try to resolve all issues and try to satisfy the customer's requirements.

3) Provide samples to customers. Negotiate prices and other business issue with customers.

4) Keep close contact with new and old customers when our factory producing orders.

5) Accompanty with customers for visit our company, acted as interpreter for all customer's visit.

In summary, it is my job to be responsible for business communications with existing and potential buyers or suppliers

1) Flunet in English, Mandarin and international trade;

2) More than five year of experience in interpretation.

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