Kelly Su. interpreter in shenzhen with trade and commerical experience

Kelly Su. interpreter in shenzhen with trade and commerical experience, 28 years old

  • shenzhen university

  • english chinese

  • Shenzhen

  • $100-150/day

  • 6 years

Personal description

My working experience in shenzhen as interpreter 

Self-evaluation: 1. Fluent in spoken English; likes to communicate with people in English, has passed CET-6. 

1.Responsible for the daily Chinese and English translation and communication between foreign manager and workers ; help the manager to  communicate with customers by Skype, mobile phone or face-to-face communication, quickly and accurately translate between them to make the business  went smoothly; offer intrepretation service from the introduction of products, order details , technical requirements, standards , order negotiation and negotiation to final order determination, etc;

2. Assist the manager to receive  foreign customers, Chinese-English interpretation for the visit, and ensure smooth communication between the manager and foreign guests;

3. Responsible for the  translation of documents; such as:English contracts and order agreements . ensure that relevant document information can be accurately and timely understood ;

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