Shriley wang

Shriley wang, 23

  • Chinese interpreter in foshan

  • English chinese

  • Foshan

  • Daily rate:$80-120

  • 3 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter in foshan with 10 years experience.

Optimistic Skilled in Negotiation, Global Sourcing, Retail, E-commerce, and Forecasting. excellent interpersonal skills. Analytical and problem solving skills. stress management skills Good presentation/communication skill ; Strong sense of responsibility, stress management skills Exceptional competence in management, especially in a great team; 

Why choose me:

Easygoing personality with resourceful quality brain; Persistence; Independent; 

Good Oral English,  It’s my pleasure if I can serve you and your company. I am confident to capable this work . I’ll try my best to do everything what I can do in the future. I hope to make worthwhile contribution for the company growth.

Edit date:04-Jau-2024

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