Cindy Liu

Cindy Liu, 25

  • Chinese interpreter in zhongshan

  • GuangDong University of Foreign Studies

  • English Chinese

  • Zhongshan

  • Daily Rate: $100-150

  • 3 years

Personal description

Chinese interpreter and translator in zhongshan with 3  years experience

Why  choose me ?

Experienced in calculating cost of handbag and very fluent in English ;Positive, responsible, Cooperative, supportive as well as good teamwork player;

Open-minded, ready to accept new ideas, easily adaptable to new environment;

TianBao Leather Co. LTD 2016-2019

Chinese Interpreter for production Dept

1.As interpreter, translate documents to assist in placing orders of materials for new designs.

2. translate new designs, filing information and pictures of new samples .

3 .Putting measurements of samples into ERP system for cost calculation for Sales Department.

4.Providing translation of documents for new samples for Canton Fair.

5.Communicating with technicians if any problem need to communicate with english translation.

Edited by:04-Jau-2024

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