Fanny chen,China translator and english teacher in Foshan

Fanny chen,China translator and english teacher in Foshan , 28

  • I have studied in UK for four years and worked as english teacher in foshan

  • University of Birmingham (UK)

  • English and chinese

  • Foshan

  • Daily Rate:$80-120

  • 6 years

Personal description

Rise Immersion Subject English 

English Teacher

-Teaching American english, Chinese english Interpretation skillst to  2nd  and 3rd graders. Developed and implemented lesson plans to cover the translation riquirements.Structured English chinese environment in all classes.

-Designing classroom activities to promote cooperative learning chinese english interpretation.

 -Direct customer service in sales and marketing. 

-Provide english support to team members.

-Ensure high efficiency in all operations of the company.


Beginning my first year in China, I aim to continue with my career as interpreter and english teacher. I am an enthusiastic, focused and innovative teacher who is committed to promoting education and ensuring each student makes continued progress in life. My goal is not only to help my students succeed, but also to ensure that she can be a good interpreter in the future.

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