Sarah Liao,interpreter in foshan

Sarah Liao,interpreter in foshan , 24 years

  • English chinese

  • Foshan

  • Daily rate:$80-110

  • 2 year

Personal description

Sarah Interpreter in foshan


My name is Sarah Liao and I am 24 year old foreign trade graduate of Foshan  University. I had ever worked as interpreter for an import company in foshan however I am actively seeking work as translator in order to advance my career prospects as I would long-term objective is to become a successful interpreter in  foreign trade company, and I am very interested in pursuing the opportunity to work with you as interpreter.I believe I am a conscientious, energetic and reliable person; in addition I possess the skills to converse in satisfactory English. Furthermore I have the experience to be a competent team player as well as having initiative,If you need interpreter in foshan with  experience and skills, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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